March 6, 2009
Posted: 1515 GMT

Hello everyone,

When I looked at today's I-Desk rundown, I sighed heavily. Every time I think global economic indicators can't possibly get any worse, they do.

Today, America woke up to its worst unemployment rate in 25 years.  More than 8 percent of Americans are out of work. The economy here is in a state of rapid blood loss – it's lost more than 600,000 jobs in February alone. 

This economy needs a tourniquet.

We'll be speaking live to Christine Romans from New York on the latest jobless numbers and, importantly, what sectors are suffering the most and which might rebound soon.

I'll be crossing over live to London to speak with my ex-co-anchor Richard Quest. Ever wonder why the dollar is bouncing back even though the U.S. economy is tanking? I'll ask him.

Also in the I-Desk rundown today: more on U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's meeting with her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov as well as her overtures to Syria and Iran.

I'll be speaking with CNN political analyst Bill Schneider on the implications of America's foreign policy shift. What does a rapprochement with Syria mean for the region?

Also, don't miss a live report on the custard pie attack on British Business Secretary Peter Mandelson and much more!

See you on the air,


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Simone   March 6th, 2009 4:45 pm ET

Circle is doing down and for good. The pathetic down-side movement to reach an global agreement, where subgroup of the industry has not even decided when their -alter ego-; amateur in economic ambush; has to be laid down shamed.
Where is stocks so you can put your ankle in.

Srimant Borthakur   March 6th, 2009 5:30 pm ET

Hi Hala,

Almost everyone is asking everyone else if the economy (irrespective of the country where this questioned is being asked!!!!!) has bottomed out yet or if a bottom is in sight. How stupid a question is this ???? If anyone knew, he/she would have bought all the stocks in the market (with monet begged, borrowed, stolen, conned!!!!) and the markets would automatically stop going down ( the blood loss!!!!!!) since signs of recovery apparelt everywhere with GM and Citi stocks going higher. Alas!!! no one, including the questy Richard Quest, really is privy to this one piece of information. Is Barak Obama listening????????

Amy   March 6th, 2009 5:52 pm ET

Dear Hala,
I like your new show, thank you.
If the economy gets worse, I would not be surprised. Partly because the public needs the media to show the democratic praise too. We CNN viewers abroad don't hear it or see it as it is not shown.

We do get the critique of economic stimulus package from the republicans but the democratic praise was left to screen text below. Shameful ! This was not fair reporting by your colleagues and in the US version shown in Europe around midnight. Also the two Kings, both John and Larry, often phrase the question to beget a conservative answer. I'm disappointed.

We need the anchors to show both sides. In this case I refer to CNN only showed one side of congressional members opinions and questions by anchors were subliminally prompting for the conservative viewpoint as an answer. The four talking heads in a broadcast in the US are left to show both sides and then it is often who speaks louder and more aggressively. This is also giving only about 5 minutes for the democratic voice to what is otherwise 20 minutes more of conservative viewpoint. Thus more air time.

Hala, please show both sides and please ask that your broadcast be shown in one of the two US broadcasts of CNN. Please live up to our needs to hear the democratic voice too. The President is not enough. Since Newt Gingrich and during the Bush years we still heard the republican side more than the democratic side. Please change that. Young people or those impressionable may actually begin to believe that behaviour by Newt and Limbaugh (also shown on CNN) could be normal. It is far from normal or proper decorum in my opinion.

Thank you, Amy

Shoaib Khalid   March 7th, 2009 6:58 am ET

Every one is talking about the Lahore attacks 3/3 these days. People here commonly believe that the attacks were not carried out by Taliban, because, they don’t carry out attacks in this way. Taliban have simple philosophy of suicide attacks whereas, the attacks were very well planned and the attackers were carrying food stuff and heavy ammunition with them. They wanted to hijack the bus, very similar to Mumbai attacks. Its simple, Taliban are militants and don’t have intelligence type of mind set. If Taliban would have carried these attacks there had been a blast, not firing and the team would have never got away. There is an absolute foreign element involved. Our neighbour has taken their revenge

Lahore, Pakistan

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